Aer2 Arquitectura was founded in 1999 under the premise of offering a close relationship and enlightening of our profession. Under the maxim that architecture should serve man and therefore of society we inhabit, Esperanza Romero Ramirez and Antonio Rodríguez Rufino founded our initial office in Jaén. In the last twelve years, we have developed our activity in the different fields of our profession: architecture, urban planning, interior and exterior design, combining enthusiasm and professionalism in each of our projects.

The creative process of any architectural or urban reality means a non-negligible effort, with many facets and obstacles. Only the complicity and collaboration between client and architect guarantees the quality of the final result. It is here where most we strive every day, the continous dialogue with the promoter ensures that solutions are successfull and adapted to a project's aesthetic and liveability objectives.

Aer2 Architecture, led by the founding partner architects, has developed its work in various locations throughout the country, with public and private clients on projects of different architectural and urban scales, in an exercise of adaptation to our times and to the tradition of our heritage. We combine sustainability, respect for the environment and technological advancement, subjected all to the improvement of the urban landscape and quality housing. Our main goal, within the aesthetic rigor and policy, is a high quality in customer service and full satisfaction.