Aer2 Architectura offers its customers a Global Management of the project, the ability to delegate to us the entire workload during the process to finally get your home or building “key in hand”. But this is only possible with full supervision and knowledge from the promoter at each of the stages. We always ensure the continuous monitoring of the various phases of project by the customer. The ongoing dialogue between the client and our team guarantees a high quality end result.

Aer2 Arquitectura

proposes to our customers the following methodology:

  • Making contact with initial meetings on the plot or building under study, establishing the initial ideas of the promoter, project premises, work program.

  • Presentation of the preliminary work necessary for the further development of the project (e.g. topographic plan, current state of the building, geotechnical reports.)

  • Making initial proposals to act on the plot, according to the program required by the developer.

  • New proposals, adjustments and modifications necessary at this preliminary level to get the desired design.

  • Presentation of “infographics” or 3D images of the adopted and agreed solution from the above processes.

  • Making the Technical Project which defines in detail the type of installations and materials to be used, their qualities, and all necessary specifications.

Customers have the opportunity to develop this process directly with:

Various meetings at our offices in Jaén and Salobreña

or remotely via telephone, Skype, or video conferencing.

Email (with proposals in “pdf”, “jpg”, “gif”, “avi”).

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